Science-Based Luxury CBD Skincare. We are science-based luxury skincare sourcing only the purest botanicals and highest grade ultra-absorbent organic CBD blend for the highest level of self-care. Our proprietary BioAdvance CBD®️ delivery system ensures superior absorption into the skin.

We believe in A world in which people are authentically proud and unashamed of who they are and have the self-confidence, self-esteem and courage to change the world.

The best skincare products are water-based - just like us humans. Water is the key to life - and the key to effective skincare. CBD is an oil and infusing it into water-based products is challenging, but the benefits are immense. Oil and water don't mix that's why CBD skincare currently on the market is oil-based and relies on catchy marketing tactics rather than actual science and results. 

After two years of research and formulation our scientists have developed our proprietary BioAdvanceCBD® delivery system and combined it with a unique water-soluble CBD blend to ensure superior absorption into the skin. By unlocking the true anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, our products uniquely maximize the skin's healing and renewal to combat signs of aging and environmental stress. But the true benefit of our water-soluble technology combined with our BioAdvance CBD®️ is that it increases absorption rates up to 30x and in half the time compared to traditional CBD and therefore is simply better! 

Science and Purity are the guiding principles of American Vanity - we offer a comprehensive line of clinical-grade skincare incorporating rich botanicals, probiotics, and ultra-absorbent organic CBD in our products.

Made in Los Angeles. We sought to create something that would inspire others, just like the City of Angels inspires us. With over 25 years of manufacturing and formulating experience, a history in skincare, and an innate desire to celebrate self-love, we were driven to find the perfect balance of science and nature, luxury and accessibility, confidence and quiet beauty — it is here where American Vanity was born. 


Meet Mary Nguyen and Veronica Barton-Schwartz

The driving force behind American Vanity are its co-founders, Mary Nguyen and Veronica Barton-Schwartz. A passionate entrepreneur, Mary has always had a strong interest in beauty and fashion. In 2005, Mary founded Enzoani, and in just a few years grew it into a bridal powerhouse. Following many years in fashion, Mary decided to pursue her first love, beauty and self-care. She has been a life-long skincare enthusiast and admits that she has tried almost every notable skincare brand on the market. 
Veronica Barton-Schwartz is the leading experts in skin care in Los Angeles. She became passionate about skin care when she suffered from acne as a young adult. In her quest to cure her skin condition she researched and experimented with all that was available at the time. When she realized that she got the best results from facials and good skin care habits, she decided to pursue a career in the field. She delved into learning all that she could, studying locally and abroad in Paris, England, Italy and Egypt. Once she was ready, she recognized the opportunity for a quiet, discreet skin care center in Malibu to cater to a clientele that would appreciate superior services in a low-key environment away from the spotlight of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. 
“To me there is nothing more important than inner beauty, but I also believe in outer beauty as a way to promote self-confidence and develop self-esteem,” says Mary. “I wanted to create a skincare brand that values authenticity above all else, promotes social responsibility and empowers people to be and act their best. I would like to live in a world where people are authentically proud and unashamed of who they are and have the self-confidence, self-esteem and courage to create a strong positive impact on society.” 
These tenets are the founding principles of American Vanity – the new skincare brand that is Mary’s collaboration with celebrity esthetician Veronica Barton- Schwartz. Veronica has over forty years of professional esthetics experience, and a star-studded clientele of Hollywood A-listers (including Academy-award winners), some of music’s biggest names, royals from around the world, and Fortune 100 CEOs. Veronica’s deep knowledge of skincare ingredients and applications methodologies pairs perfectly with Mary’s enthusiasm. 
Combining their passion and experience, Mary and Veronica co-founded American Vanity with a mission to empower through beauty and self-care. They have assembled a team of prominent skincare scientists, formulators and beauty enthusiasts, to develop products that leave skin transformed and your entire way of being, empowered. 
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"We relish independence and the pursuit of happiness. We exist to uplift and celebrate those that are empowered so that they can inspire others to be the best version of themselves"  -American Vanity